Mobile App

The messenger service is now available as a mobile app (beta)

with the following benefits:

  • Free of charge
  • Manage your notifications, and choose to receive only app notifications, only SMS text messages, neither, or both
  • View all available locum shifts for your speciality and grade on a calendar, or in a list format
  • See your accepted and previously worked shifts all in one place
  • Decline shifts you can’t work, to remove them from your calendar

To download the app, please click through to the relevant app store for your device.

You must register with details matching the hospital’s records, including your professional registration number (For most doctors this will be your GMC, at least 3 digits) as well as your name and telephone number.

We welcome any and all feedback, please let us know if you have comments on how we can improve the service!
Please email info@kendallbluckconsulting.com


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