Introducing… Pennine Messenger

We all know how difficult it can be to find cover for a shift; rarely you’re even able to grab hold of someone in your day to ask them to cover it. This is especially a problem within the NHS, which has some of the busiest schedules around. So, how do you combat such an issue?

Over the past few months we’ve been working on a secret project. Now we’re excited to finally be able to reveal what we’ve had under wraps…

Kendall Bluck have created the Pennine Messenger app, a tool created to help the Medical Absence Coordinators with managing the busy schedules and rota’s that they have to fill.

The app was created with the idea of allowing medical absence coordinators to communicate with a bank of doctors to send out shifts they need to fill. By filling these shifts directly without going through Locum agencies the Trust is able make huge savings.

Since the app launched 4 months ago, it has been a great success with fill rates up to 50%. We’re excited to continue rolling out the app to other NHS trusts and to see the Messenger grow throughout the UK.

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